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What makes yours better than the billions of others that are in here with it? Getting found on today's web is one thing. Getting noticed is quite another. At
Telanova NBS, we create uniquely engineered web solutions that get your web
site or app both found and noticed, and we do it affordbly. We'd love to
talk solutions with you! Thanks for your interest in Telanova NBS!
Search engine optimization for measurable performance
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Social Networking

Regardless of whether you use a blog or have another type of social network site associated with your web site, frequently changing content has a positive impact on how search engines index and rank your site. While these items do require time from you or your staff, that time can be well worth spending part of your marketing budget to support. Rather than updating your site with articles or news about your business, consider updating a Facebook page with links to your main site.

Our main services are outlined below. Click on a topic for details.

  • Both Custom and Low-Cost Website Development
  • Dynamic web design using PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Flash

    Nearly all businesses today have some type of web presence as part of their marketing strategy. Web users notice, and spend time on, sites that are exceptional in quality, design and features. With literally billions of sites on the web, standing out is becoming more and more difficult. Fortunately, we have experience in design, software development and search optimization to ensure that your site presents a truly exceptional image of your business. We employ a variety of Web 2.0 technologies to get results that truly stand out and get you noticed.

    Lower Cost Alternatives

    While we excel in the application of XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Flash and PHP/MySQL, not everyone needs (or can afford) full custom development. We have access to a huge supply of pre-designed templates and can customize these for any business or organization. Telanova NBS considers your needs for search engine performance, speed, degree of user interaction and budget as part of the tradeoff in which technologies to use and where to incorporate each.

    Content Management

    If you or your staff would prefer to maintain your website once it is developed, we can offer a variety of content management services that will let you change text and photos, and add links or even new pages while maintaining the basic design integrity of your site.

  • Specialized Medical Practice Websites and Web Applications
  • Medical practice sites present a unique opportunity to differentiate the practice from competitors. Many medical practices get patients primarily by word-of-mouth or referrals. Those patients expect certain capabilities from the practice's website, including information or conveniences such as online scheduling. But these patients already know the practice exists. Expansion of the practice depends on a marketing campaign and the practice website is a critical part of that campaign. In this case, search engine performance and the management of the many "doctor information" sites on the web is critical.

    Telanova NBS has specific experience with medical practice issues such as carefully targeted search engine optimization, HIPAA considerations for online scheduling or patient information services, and management of existing doctor information sites. In addition, some of our staff has specific medical training that can help make the copy writing process more efficient.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • We include SEO from the very first design steps for your solution, whether you require a custom design or a lower-cost template approach. We help you optimize the copy (wording) on your site to minimize the reliance on extremely competitive search terms and to maximize the value of more practical search terms . We also help you identify high-potential terms from your other marketing materials, and optimize their placement in your copy.

    We design your solution for maximum performance on major search engines. We don't offer to get you "listed on hundreds of search engines throughout the web" because that happens automatically if your performance is great on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many services available that do SEO, and many of these are great for helping owners of existing sites get whatever improvement their site can achieve. Our approach is to integrate SEO from the very start of your design, making sure to avoid the roadblocks that can limit your site's SEO potential.


  • Patent and Trademark Registration
  • Exposing your trademark, servicemark or logo on the web can make it an easy target for theft. Unless the mark is registered, your legal recourse is quite limited. For our customers with significant investment or goodwill in their trademark, servicemark or logo, we offer registration services with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    Registered trademarks, servicemarks, or logos are permitted to use the registration mark (®) and note that their marks are registered. Registration includes a search of the USPTO database for the mark, application for registration in the name of your organization, and follow-up with the USPTO through the registration process.

  • Custom Web Applications and Databases (XHTML, CSS, Flash, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, AIR)
  • Often your business needs may include an online database for things like scheduling events, maintaining an employee or member directory, incorporating a user or customer-maintained contact list and so on. You may wish to include topic-specific games on your website (e.g., teaching games young students or patients), or videos that are tightly integrated into your website (not just links to YouTube). Perhaps the majority of your customers base want to access your site from a mobile device. We can produce specialized sites for mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).

    Our expertise includes most key technologies for the Web 2.0 user experience. Besides the XHTML used to create web pages, we appropriately incorporate Adobe Flash, asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX), PHP, Cascading Stylesheets (CSS), PHP and MySQL. These tools allow us to make websites that stand out from the crowd. With Adobe AIR, we can develop applications that work directly on your desktop (rather than over the web).


  • eCommerce Sites (online shopping sites)
  • eCommerce sites based on osCommerce

    There are many “shopping cart” products available today, offering full feature sets and easy administration...for a price. There are also “free” products that reinforce the old adage “you get what you pay for.”

    Our preferred solution is osCommerce, which is the open-source solution that powers most of the world's shopping carts today. The basic engine for osCommerce is free (as is any open-source software). The only cost involved is for customizing osCommerce to meet your specific needs. In many cases this can be done with a simple template and some software modifications. We secure your SSL certificate, integrate with your preferred merchant service, integrate with your preferred shipping provider(s) and can even provide product photography service and copy writing service to help get your site up and running.


  • Online Training Program Development (eTraining)
  • Responding to requests from our customers, in addition to the ability to implement a training program of your design, we now have full in-house capability for designing and developing a variety of online or on-site training programs. Both types include a full needs assessment, course design and development. Additional services depend on the type of program.

    On-site Training Programs

    We provide a Master Instructor, pilot training sessions, trainer certification program (train-the-trainer), along with instructor and participant material.

    eTraining Programs

    For online deployment we provide a pilot phase followed by program adjustments. We can then deploy the program either online or via DVD, along with appropriate participant materials.

  • In-field photography, videography and image processing
  • As part of our business in web solutions development, we often get requests to provide images or videos for our customer's sites or for training programs. We offer in-field photography and video services, including low-volume DVD and BluRay production.

    We make understanding your web requirements our top priority

    It's Really About You

    From our side of the table, understanding your needs is our most important job. Whether you need a simple informational web site to tell customers about your business, or a highly complex dynamic web application, we offer cost-effective solutions that let your business stand out among your competitors. We provide sites that are optimized for search engine peformance from the very first design steps, and we provide a variety of search engine optimization packages for existing sites. Telanova NBS also designs and develops highly complex web applications, dynamic web sites, online training and related products including solutions for the local network within your business facilities.

    From the Simple to the Very Complex

    We can quickly implement beautiful but simple informational websites for any size business at very affordable prices. Telanova NBS can also help you solve the most complex problems with a thorough systems engineering process, including model-based processes using UML, SysML or other languages. If your site needs special photography (e.g., product photos) or video, we provide those services in house as well.

    We Speak Your Language

    Our ability to relate so well to our client's business and technical needs has earned us the tagline “Not your typical software geeks” [Jill Meyer, Finishing Touches Elite, Tucson, AZ] We feel this moniker is well-deserved because we are highly experienced in project management, systems engineering and both written and verbal communication.



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